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1. advent at the blackwood river

Posted on November 28th, 2005 by tobi in Australia

The last weekend I went on a paddle trip to the blackwood river in the south of west australia. A guy from the Outdoor Club organized the trip. We started our trip at Sue’s bridge, a small camping site next to the river. After having a nice BBQ, fighting against possums and spending the night in tents we headed off the next morning: 6 orange kajaks, a kanu and one beautiful river! I shared my boat with a guy from Zimbabwe named Tristan, what gave us the kajak name T’n’T 🙂 The wheater was nice and sunny so actually a good reason to overturn the kajak and have a litte swim in the river. But unfortunately we carried all our gear and backpacks in the boat – even packed in lots of platicsbags I didn’t wanted them to fall into the water. Sometimes some rapids blocked our way, but no problem for T’n’T – we managed all of them and stayed nearly try! Real fun!
Our trip ended on sunday afternoon when we reached the next camping site. As some groupmembers had to work on monday they left quickly whereas the rest of us stayed for another night. Sunday was the 1. advent! Really unbeliveable! Of course we hadn’t no advent wreath, so we lighted a big campfire instead. Strange!?
On monday moring, after leaving the camping site quite late, we planed to visited a cave, but as it was too expensive we headed to the beach instead. There it was very nice and impressive waves, but unfotunately the sun kept hideing behind the clouds – so no real chance for swimming! Some of us tried to go kanu surfing and struggled with the unmanagable waves, others tried to catch some fishes. But again, as the day before, they were unsuccessful. The best part were some dolphins and wales in the end. Quite far away, but still good to see. Awesome! After a 3 hour drive I finally arrived back in Perth.

Here a nice picture of the river:

Blackwoodriver Map

More on this:

Sun vs. Snow

Posted on November 28th, 2005 by tobi in Australia

As it is getting colder and colder in Europe, it’s getting hotter and hotter in here! Last week temperatures rose higher than 30 C on some days – and that’s only the beginning! Uh, unbelievable. Sometimes I’m missing the golden autum and icy winter and am waiting for the cold days, as they are supposed to be at this time, well, yeah, but no chance! But going to the beach is great „excuse“ 🙂
Today, we went to Cottlesloe Beach nearby, after fighting with the waves we had some fish’n’chips and icecream! Yum! Check out gallery!
My room situation will change in the next week, I’ll move to another room in an small house north of the uni. It’s furniture! And close to trains, parks and cheap! Housemates seem to be quite nice, the first thing they did was offering a tea to me! Great!

Trip North to Lancelin

Posted on November 7th, 2005 by tobi in Australia

Letzte Woche war ich mit Bernhard fuer zwei Naechtein Lancelin, ca. 150km noerdlich von Perth (Downtown) Surferparadies! Es dauerte fast eine Stunde bis wir aus der Stadt waren. Danach kommt dann nix mehr. Nur noch Busch und hin und wieder mal ne Farm oder ne kleine Siedlung. Schon komisch.

Lancelin ist nicht gerade besonders schoen, man koennte ja meinen ein schoenes altes Fischerdorf am Meer. Ha von wegen! Typisch australisch besteht aus ein paar Countryhaeuser, alle Strassen wieder im Quadrat und hin und wieder mal ein kleiner Shop.

Dafuer war der Beach super! Lange, weisse Straende, schoene Wellen. Habe mich mal wieder im Surfen versucht, hat aber noch nicht ganz so geklappt. Mittags waren wir dann Sandboarden! He, he reiner Tourigag! Nothing comperared to Snowboarding! Naja man kann da halt so zwei, drei Duenen runterruschen. Schon lustig, aber bald schnell ausgelutscht.

uebernachtet haben wir in Bernhards SuperVan. Das war ein Spass, ein richtiger Adventurebus, komplett mit Camping Equippment ausgeruestet. Ein Traum! Diesen hat er vor 3 Wochen gekauft und dann die Rostloescher beseitig und die tolle Bemalung verpasst. Er faehrt nun die naechsten 5 Wochen damit nach Sydney! Ach..

Auf dem Rueckweg waren wir noch schnell mal tauchen, siehe Bilder in der Galerie: 😉

P.S: Ab jetzt sollte auch kein bloeder Werbebanner beim Verlassen meiner Homepage auftauchen!