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Urania Berlin

Posted on Dezember 29th, 2014 by tobi in Berlin

Ein Vorsatz fürs neue Jahr: Hier mal öfters mal zu den Vorträgen gehen:

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Couchsurfing NYC Tipps (Mirror)

Posted on Dezember 27th, 2014 by tobi in New York

Auf Couchsurfing gab es einen schönen Thread mit viel viel NYC Tipp. Leider wurde jedoch durch den relaunch alles versteckt/gelöscht. Zum Glück hatte ich alles gespeichert, hier der Thread:

A list of things I’d like to do in NY in august. Give me some tips to improve it about 5 months ago
..take a ride boat on Staten Island Ferry
…make a Picnic in the Central P
..listen to a Gospel in a Harlem’s Church
..drink a cocktail made from „apotheke“ in Doyers Street
…have a drink in Cafe Wha? where B. Dylan, J. Hendrix B. Springeesten went
…walk on High Line
… go to Little Italy in Bronx area
…. take a picture from Brooklyn area „the Manhattan skyline“
…take a picture from TOP OF THE ROCK
… a whisper in the whispering gallery
…go shopping to 5th avenue
…take a picture in TIME SQUARE
…stop over at TRASH AND VAUDEVILLE where „the Ramones“ went shopping
,,,go on the beach „Coney Island“ and having a Nathan’s hot dog
…join in an local BBQ
…eat cupcakes, brownies, marshmallow, waffel, mac’n cheese
…a cocktail on the ROOFTOPS.

Curtiepie about 5 months ago
Pretty good! Have more food:
1. Egg Cream – *Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Lexington Candy Shop, *Gem Spa & Cosmopolitan Cafe.
2. Bagels/Bialys – *Daniel’s, Murray’s, *Bagel Express, *Zucker’s, Tal Bagels, *Kossar’s Bialys or Ess-a-Bagel.
3. Hot Dogs – from the cart or Crif Dogs, Japadog and the original Nathan’s at Coney Island.
Or from Gray’s Papaya with an Orange Julius drink. Also known as DWDs (dirty water dogs).
4. Pizza – *Motorino, Artichoke Basille, *DeFara, Totonnos, *John’s, Arturo’s, *Keste, Lombardi’s,
*Grimaldi’s… a much debated NYC topic and the list goes on forever.
5. Pastrami Sandwich (or Corned Beef or Brisket) – *Katz Deli on Houston St. Lansky’s & The 2nd Avenue Deli.
6. Soul Food – *Manna’s (134TH St Lenox Ave), Amy Ruth’s, *Melba’s, Sylvia’s & *Jacob’s.
7. Steak – Peter Lugers, *Keens, Old Homestead, *The Capital Grille, *Del Frisco, Palm, *BLT Steak…
Legendary – Veniero’s (1894) and De Robertis Pasticcerie & Café (1904).
Cupcakes – Crumbs, Buttercup Bake Shop, Magnolia’s, Two Little Red Hens, *Billy’s Bakery
or Cup Cake Cafe.
Doughnuts – *Donut Plant, Dough, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop & Dun-Well Doughnuts.
Cheesecake – Juniors, Eileen’s or *Veniero’s.
More – Jacques Torres, City Bakery, *Momofuku Milk Bar, Levain Bakery and *Max Brenner

John Berg about 5 months ago
You can’t forget forget about paul’s botique. Beastie boys, and you definitly need to find a crazy good dollar slice pizza joint, my favroite one is the joey pepperonis near 28th st and second ave
99 rivington st ny, ny 10002 the corner of rivington and ludlow


Dana Zheng about 5 months ago
Go on the Highline at night, less crowded and you get a nice view of the city lights. The track gets lit up so it’s easy to walk along. As for graffiti, it is spread out all over. Unfortunately, 5 Pointz is now gone, was whitewashed several months ago. Travesty!


Giulia Riva about 5 months ago
Hi Giosue, it already looks as a great plan (especially the food part ;)! )
I would suggest to spend more time in Brooklyn, visit the Brooklyn museum (it is amazing!), enjoy street art, flea markets and wandering around Brooklyn hoods…
I especially loved to discover antitourisic neighborhoods:
and to hang out at the coolest and youngest neighborhoods of Brooklyn, enjoying street art as well as many restaurants and clubs:


Tom Kincaid about 5 months ago
Yes, definitely get out to Brooklyn and Queens. Check out the old world’s fair grounds then go to eat at the Golden Mall in Flushing. If you like biking, there is a greenway that goes all along the Brooklyn waterfront. You can start in Williamsburg and end in Rockaway, about 25km. You’ll go through all kinds of interesting neighborhoods on the way, the old navy yards, Dumbo, the new Brooklyn Bridge park, Red Hook, Verrazano bridge, Brighton beach (slight detour) and the Jamaica Bay wildlife area. You can take the bike on the subway back.


SandraShutterbug about 4 months ago
What’s the story with Sunday service at a Harlem Church? I tried getting into Abyssinia one summer–IMPOSSIBLE!!! I went down the block to another fantastic service. So where do you recommend? If you go, I’d like to join you and/or Giuseppe!


7GIOSUE7 about 4 months ago
1)Gospel in Harlem – SandraShutterburg you are welcome (I’m going to NY in august from 2nd to 14th)
2)Little Italy in Bronx because it is much more genuine and authentic than others. When I go to there I will send a msg to you one or two days before ok?)
3)As far as your BBQ… that would be great! I I hope to eat a tipical newyorker BBQ.
4) Ignited/inflame ah ah ah . That makes me laugh. Ok I take note 😀

Laura Migdon about 4 months ago
If it hasn’t already been said, I would suggest going to Smorgasburg on Saturdays in Williamsburg to try some of the most innovative food coming out of nyc right now. I think it opens at 11am. Get there early.

Tereza Lima about 4 months ago
Apollo Theater for the Amateur Night- so much fun!
For graffiti there’s a great tour in Bushwick, search for Free Tours by Foot, they have others tours too. Add the CS Meeting to your list 🙂

Gospel – try these 2 and arrive early.
1st Corinthian Baptist Church – 116th St – 1912 (7th Ave)/Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. –
Services at 8am and 11am. Also has an “open Friday” service at about 6:30.
Canaan Baptist Church – 132 West 116th St btwn Lenox and 7th Ave/Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

Or Brooklyn Tabernacle – 17 Smith St.

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Meine New York Tipps

Posted on Dezember 17th, 2014 by tobi in New York


Ich werde in letzter Zeit öfters nach New York Tipp gefragt. Ui da gibt’s sooo viel zu Empfehlen, out-of-my-head her jedoch das Wichtigste:

* Ess a Bagel oder Tompkins Square Bagel – best Bagel in Town
* Zaragoza – lecker mexikanisch
* Tacos Morelos –
* Smourgasburg – food market
* Xi’an famous – lecker spicy asia nudeln –
* Robertas pizza oder Paulie Gee’s
* Sunny & Annie – best sandwich in town! ––annie-gourmet-deli/4b41102bf964a52055c025e3
* Brooklyn Label – sehr lecker veggie burger (laut Matze) –
* Jackbar – lecker Bier und Pinball
* Taim falafel
* lecker essen bei Westville

* Fat Cat – underground jazz und dabei Tischtennis & co spielen. weird & fun mix
* Back room – montags jazz und drinks aus kaffeetassen
* Sleep no More – Interactive, 3D Theater, teuer aber lohnt sich!!
* Top of Rock – best view, besonders bei Anbruch der Dunkelheit lohnt sich.
* Brooklyn Bridge – classic walk & view
* Modern Pinball NYC – DER!!! pinball schuppen
* Highline
* Grand Central
* Central Park
* Broadway runter laufen
* Am Unionsq oder Washingtonsq rumhängen und Leute beobachten
* Underground & Free event tipps:
* Schau mal nach Food oder Streetart touren.
* Fahrrad leihen über oder kaufen:
* Onkel Otto Bar

Ah, und Geld abheben ist (nur) bei der TD bank kostenlos.
In jeden Fall: nicht wundern, es wird teuer!

Alle meine checkins und recommendations hier:

Dazu passend:

* Meine 21 NYC Facts

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Luciakör Berlin 2013

Posted on Dezember 14th, 2014 by tobi in Berlin

Hier der Auftritts unseres Luciakör 2013 in der Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Ja, ich war wirklich dabei, Beweis ab minute 6:14 🙂

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Nerdcore Hochbett

Posted on Dezember 10th, 2014 by tobi in Nonsense

schau an, auch Rene will sich ein Hochbett bauen:

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Posted on Dezember 5th, 2014 by tobi in Berlin, Music

Viel gute Musik auf:

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21 New York City Facts – You probably don’t know

Posted on Dezember 1st, 2014 by tobi in New York

21 New York City Facts – You probably don't know from rngtng

NYC Aftermath: Hier meine Präsi die ich am Ende meines NYC Aufenthalts gegeben habe.

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